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Increasing Education Training and Job-Skill Match Up


As West Virginia’s workforce participation rate hovers at 53 percent - 10 percent below the national average - major sector shifts, new technology, growing industries, the gig economy and smart manufacturing are changing the workforce landscape. In order to increase workforce participation and meet evolving workplace needs, West Virginia must adapt. WV Forward and partners are working to better understand needed education offerings for the future workforce and determine more options for lifelong learning. That includes stackable, transferable and stand-alone offerings, tech skill development and continual trainings as workforce needs evolve.

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Leaders across West Virginia are uncovering innovative approaches to better equip today’s students with the skillsets necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s workforce, while readying West Virginians to fill high-demand jobs now.


Lifelong learning and honing essential skills leads to economic success

Educational attainment alone appears to explain less than half the intergenerational transmission of earnings. Instead, non-cognitive skills such as work ethic, the ability to follow instructions, motivation, and patience may be just as important as cognitive skills. A consensus now exists among child-development experts that the foundation for acquiring these skills is laid very early in life, even from infancy.” 
- Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond: “Land of Opportunity? Economic Mobility in the United States”

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