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Growing the Cybersecurity and IT Sectors


Based on global trends and West Virginia’s unique assets, there are “burning platform opportunities” for growth in the cyber, IT, big data and coding sectors that maximize the state's economic development potential. From national cyber defense service members to IT data center engineers to startup coders, employers in West Virginia say they want to hire more jobs in cyber sector today. The state doesn’t have to wait for “the jobs of the future” to fill open positions now. WV Forward and partners are leveraging opportunities that develop the STEM-trained workforce needed to fill and grow these sector jobs. In addition, efforts are ongoing to embolden and prepare youth to pursue cyber and IT careers, foster growth in cyber-related companies, recruit new IT centers to site locations and help secure West Virginia’s infrastructure assets through coordinated statewide efforts.

West Virginia officials discuss possible growth in cyber, IT, big data and coding sectors.


  • Fall 2016

    Employer identification of security backlog challenge
  • Fall 2017

    WV Forward blueprint targets cyber sector growth
  • Fall 2017

    WV cyber companies assess clearance backlog challenges
  • Winter 2018

    WV Forward, DRWV Foundation survey industry leaders
  • Spring 2018

    WV Forward participate in DRWV Foundation ID/ Intel Expo
  • Spring 2018

    WV Forward, National Governorʼs Association Cyber Policy Academy begins
  • Summer 2018

    WV Forward, DRWV Foundation tracks backlog
  • Summer 2018

    WV Forward, partners engage federal agencies
  • Fall 2018

    WV Forward convene experts to problem solve
  • Fall 2018

    Federals agencies report to industry on progress
  • Fall 2018

    Cyber Workforce and NGA Policy research released
  • Winter 2018

    State government releases cyber policy proposals


  • DRWV Foundation    
  • West Virginia National Guard  
  •    TechConnect West Virginia 
  • West Virginia Small Business Development Center
  •    National Governor's Association
  •    West Virginia University 
  • University of Charleston
  •    Fairmont State
  • Pierpont CTC
  • Mountwest Community and Technical College
  • Blue ridge Community college
  • Bridge Valley
  • West Virginia Northern Community College
  • MU  

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