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Uncovering Policies and Solutions to Drive WV's Cyber Sector


To help spur growth in one of the country’s fastest growing sectors, WV Forward has worked with industry experts to catalogue tax incentives, growth tactics, policies and incentives that have been implemented in states across the country. Laying out development and policy suggestions may help West Virginia consider workable options that can fit in West Virginia to help grow the cyber sector.

WVU student from College of Business and Economics inquires about cyber and IT workforce.

Site Development Opportunities

To help spur growth in one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, West Virginia can attract cyber and IT companies through policy, tax incentives, infrastructure investments and public-private partnerships.

  • Site Readiness and Inventory
  • Identify available sites and office space to better serve cyber companies expanding in West Virginia.
  • Airport Connectivity
  • Promote site proximity to regional and international airports. Businesses choose locations that positively impact their bottom lines.
  • US Capital Proximity
  • Highlight proximity to the nation's capital, as regional rail access coupled with lower costs of operations and living can attract business.
  • Broadband Internet
  • Invest in broadband and Internet infrastructure to attract more data and IT services companies.
  • Federal Anchors
  • Market continuity of operations (COOP) compliant site benefits to federal agencies to locate anchor offices in the state.
  • Cyber Research Parks
  • Invest in public-private research parks to spur new tech innovations, startup investments and industry partnerships.
  • Data Center Power Diversification
  • Enable high-energy-use data and IT centers to utilize green energy sources and generate green energy on site. 

Economic Development Opportunities

Broad tax incentives that effect many types of businesses would benefit the cyber sector as well.

  1. Invest in Cyber Opportunity Zones. Create incentives for investments in cyber-related companies across the state's Opportunity Zones. 
  2. Incentivize hiring IT professional. Payroll Tax Credits. Prompt businesses to hire in-demand IT professionals who know how to secure online data and the stateʼs industrial and commercial infrastructure. 
  3. Compete for remote workers. Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits. Help create vibrant small towns that are critical to attract tech-sector employees. 
  4. Invest in new markets. New Markets Tax Credits. Revitalize communities through investment opportunities that help provide the stable jobs and services all communities need. 
  5. Be a better home for business. Evaluate the Tangible Personal Property Tax. Explore options to improve the state's business climate to attract investors while valuing the revenues of counties, schools and municipalities that could be affected by potential tax policy reform. 
  6. Inventive accountability. Require Public Impact Reports. Reveal the positive jobs impact, use and effectiveness of all West Virginia tax incentives. 
  7. Data security standards. Infrastructure Protection of State Data. Implement standard cyber data-protection practices across West Virginia. 

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