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FOCUS WV Brownfields Program | WV Brownfields

The Foundation for Overcoming Challenges and Utilizing Strengths (FOCUS WV) program catalyzes community-based brownfield projects in West Virginia by providing local project redevelopment stakeholders with technical and financial assistance to find solutions to existing and anticipated risks and liabilities associated with environmental unknowns.

Leslie Tower, professor of social work at West Virginia University  

Pay gap for women social work faculty continues nationwide | WVU Today

Leslie Tower, professor of social work at West Virginia University, found in a nationally representative survey that female social work faculty make less than their male counterparts by nearly $6,000 a year in spite of the fact that women are the majority in the profession.

Grethe Myles and Tom Witt, former chief economist at WVU, have established the Tom S. Witt Scholars program.  

Gift from former WVU economist means real life experience for students, much needed ‘economic literacy’ for West Virginia | WVU Today

The former chief economist at West Virginia University knows all too well how important economic research and data are to the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, the University and the state. For nearly three decades, Tom S. Witt headed the WVU Bureau of Business and Economic Research and helped provide economic research that was used by lawmakers, business leaders and media throughout the state and nation.

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HSTA offers opportunities for education | The Dominion Post

Chester wants to provide secondary education opportunities for all high school students, despite their family’s financial status. Chester, who has led the Health Sciences and Technology Aca-demy at WVU as its director for the last 25 years, said the program offers free secondary education for the state’s high school students who need options.

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