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Partnering to Support Building a Cyber Workforce


West Virginia cyber jobs are in hot demand as public and private entities grapple with increasing cyber threats. To better secure West Virginia's cyber infrastructure, WV Forward and statewide leaders produced the West Virginia Cybersecurity Workforce Strategic Initiative Report.

Josh Cook speaks at IT Coding and Cyber Summit


  1. Collaborate with the West Virginia congressional delegation to lay the foundation for a statewide Cyber Center of Excellence supported by federal agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security. 
  2. Provide additional West Virginia resources to grow the cyber capabilities of the stateʼs higher education institutions.
  3. Establish a West Virginia Cyber Education Consortium to: 

  • Efficiently coordinate lifelong education and training, including online and classroom opportunities, to increase accessibility to meet industry needs.
  • Work with active-duty military and veterans to provide pathways into the cyber workforce.
  • Develop public-private funding opportunities to include internships that enhance workplace-ready skills, Governorʼs Cybersecurity summer camps, and annual elementary/middle/high school cybersecurity competitions.
  • Leverage existing federal opportunities to establish cyber scholarships for both traditional and returning veteran students.
  • Support hands-on cyber apprenticeships for technical and community college students.
  • Encourage exemplary non-academic behavior such as good credit to facilitate swift security clearances for future cyber professionals.

Check out WV SBDC's cybersecurity workbook

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